CANOVATE 19" 1U 12 port SC Dolu(30 port) F/O Patch Panel Kit
Stok Kodu : DFPPCV12PB
Adet :
130,00 USD +KDV
162,50 USD +KDV
840,62 TL KDV Dahil

Ensures professional cable management and ease of fiber termination with front cable manager for patchcords.

1U version 24 ports capacity (up to 30 ports)
Swing Out system with front cable management for patchcords
Manages small & large quantities of fiber with a high packing density
Cable glands to secure the incoming fiber, allows min movement
Fiber guide tubes to protect and direct the fibers to the cassettes in a professional way
Minimum bend radius of fibers and strain relief for all entry cables
Fiber bend radius control - < 35mm
All known connector types such as SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC, MU etc. are possible.
Density Information
1U 24 ports Module: 24 pieces SC/LC/FC/ST/E200/DIN/MU-PC/APC etc. simplex adapters and 24 pieces 1.5 m SC/LC/FC/ST/E200/DIN/ MU-PC/APC simplex pigtail (confirms G652, G652D standards)
Dimensions    :  430 mm (W) x 280 mm (D) x 1U (H) 
Material          :  GR-449-core of Telcordia Specification 
Color              :  Powder coat RAL7032 
Weight            :  1U : 2.1 kg, 2U : 2.8 kg 
Material          :  Aluminum


Fiber Transmission Networks in Telco`s Central applications, Fiber exchange systems, Utility Networks

Dimensions    :  (19”) 465 mm (W) x 280 mm (D) x 1U (H) 
Material          :  Mild Steel 
Color              :  Powder coat RAL7035 or RAL9005 
Weight            :  2 kg 
Maximum port capacity :  48 ports
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